Zenith Social

We are a private Edmonton based group that focuses on reaching our potential, making meaningful connections, and having fun. We believe that understanding social dynamics is a key part to being successful in life.


This is what we expect from you.

Take Care of Yourself

Have your shit together physically and mentally. Take care of your body and appearance. Put effort into how you dress. Sharpen your mind.

Don't Be Boring

Find what you love and do it. Apply yourself to life. Educate yourself. Be passionate. Go beyond what you know and always learn new things.


Any group is only as good as its members. Join outings. Participate in peer encouragement. Propose new things. Provide and receive feedback. Leave your ego at the door.

We Are NOT a PUA or Pickup Group

And here's why:

The Problem With PUA

We are aware of some of the Edmonton PUA or Edmonton Lair groups. On the one hand we cannot blame people for wanting to improve themselves and be more successful in meeting quality women. However PUA in general is quiet limited and sexist and tends to describe women in objective terms rather than as meaningful human beings. We are interested in being happy and successful in our whole life and pursuing happiness through a limited set of techniques and tactics to try and make someone like you doesn't make sense. Like any movement there are some honest, ethical people in it and their are some harmful people in it.

Zenith Social Is Ethical

Women are every bit intelligent as you are and deserve everything you do. We do not support lying, manipulating, narcissism, or sexism. If you can’t be your authentic self and get women then please don't apply to join us. If the only way you can get women is by following scripts or pretending to be something you are not then what is the point?

Zenith Social Is Social

Shocking right? By this title we simply mean that we do have outings and we do go out to nightlife and daylife venues and socialize with new people. We expect members to be brave and talk to people they finding interesting or attractive. We just don't tolerate anyone doing that in a weird or sketchy way.

Apply for an account on our forums.

We host a private discussion forum to discuss life and arrange nightlife and daylife outings on. Your application is for an account on this forum. We simply aim to add fun and connections with people to our lives. We never wanted to have to screen people for this group but based on our past experiences with social groups screening is necessary. We want interesting, ethical, and good people to join our group. To apply write a short paragraph about why you want to join. Also include a picture so we can see if you take care of yourself (you can blur your face if you want -- pictures also help us to get a vibe for if someone is sketchy or not). To apply send an email to zenithsocialyeg at gmail dot com